Monday, January 31, 2011

Glamorous Hair Trends.

Naomi Watts
John Shearer / Getty Images

Straight is “IN”

From the runways of Milan to Hollywood’s red carpet, we are seeing straight, sleek and sexy hair.

To achieve Naomi Watts’ look, use Moroccanoil® Treatment or Moroccanoil® Light to condition and style your hair, and finish with Glimmer Shine Spray.
Emily Blunt
Jeff Kravitz / Getty Images


A classic updo with a modern twist is the ultimate accessory for a special event.

To recreate Emily Blunt’s look, cocktail Moroccanoil® Treatment or Moroccanoil® Light with Hydrating Styling Cream, style with a large curling iron to achieve soft waves, and finish with Luminous Hairspray.

Scarlett Johansson
Samir Hussein / Getty Images

Sexy 40s

Glamour is back with 1940s styles trending this Fall and Winter.

To capture Scarlett Johansson’s look, condition hair with Moroccanoil® Treatment or Moroccanoil® Light, and style with Hydrating Styling Cream followed by a large curling iron to create bounciness. Use Luminous Hairspray for hold, and finish with Glimmer Shine Spray.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mini Brazilian for your fringe area!

Crazy Cowlick? Frizzy Fringe?
Want Beautiful Bangs...
Get a Brazilian Mini

We are now offering mini blowouts to your fringe area!! Get smooth bangs that last for months in just minutes.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Don't you love when you style your hair and as soon as you put your scarf on and head out the door, it looks like you stuck your finger in a light socket! Static occurs the most in the winter because the air is dry and it doesn't help if your hair is dry too. Here's a few products that will help you tame your mane!

- Everyone needs a serum, it's a great leave in conditioner and helps protect your hair from the elements.

Here are 2 great options:
Lisse Extreme
:With an ultra-light formulation, this leave-in serum protects, controls and conditions without greasiness. The hair feels light and smooth with visibly enhanced shine.

Moroccan Oil: Revives hair and strengthens, relieves dryness.

You can find both these products at the Salon! 317.815.6620

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bath Fizzies, DIY

1/2 cup citric acid (found at Whole Body)
1 cup baking soda
3/4 cup cornstarch
1/4 cup cane sugar
food coloring (I used green and blue)
essential oils- eucalyptus & rosemary
mason jars or other containers
flexible silicon ice cube trays
small spray bottle

This "recipe" makes about 1 dozen larger fizzies or about 24 smaller ones.

1. Stir together citric acid, baking soda and cornstarch.

2. Pass mixture through a flour sifter into a mixing bowl. Add in cane sugar.

3. Fill spray bottle with water and several drops of food coloring. Spritz mixture lightly and mix to distribute color. Be careful not to saturate it. You only want it damp enough to be able to mold it in your hands. I ruined my first batch by making it too wet!

4. Pack molds with mixture and let them sit overnight to dry.

5. Next day: press fizzies carefully out of molds and place in mason jars for packaging.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Are you suffering from the winter blues? Well here's a little reminder to perk up your day! Winter is the best season for comfortable fashion. You can look chic and be comfortable at the same. Here's a few tips to help you achieve your look.Volume on top + Fitted on bottom = Winter 2011 Fashion. If you can remember this, you’re golden.

The key to this booming Winter trend is how you personalize it. The volume on top could be a number of things from chunky cable knit sweaters, to oversized cardigans, to boyfriend blazers and then some. The fitted bottom look can be a wool mini skirt over tights, super skinny jeans or shorts over tights, but the simplest way to achieve this look is with a pair of leggings. The legging route leaves you with more options than you might think. While the classic black cotton leggings are certainly a fan favorite, you can easily go for gray or colored ones instead or my personal favorite, leather leggings.

Any way you slice it, layers are necessary to perfect this look. Wear your neutral colored sweater open over a printed tee or close it up over a colored top that pops out underneath (known as a peek-a-boo layer). A scarf is a great way to top of this look, but don’t allow the concept of matching everything cloud your judgment. Play with different textures and you’ll see how a combination like a cotton tank under a wool sweater that’s paired with a linen scarf and some leather leggings can create that perfectly imperfect harmony.